About us

Good day to everyone, to all viewers and followers of this blog thank you so much for spending your time reading our articles and supporting our mission.


Is a charity works foundation that aimed to help street kids and poor kids to have a chance of having brighter tomorrow. By our mission to give them free education and learning about Bible will be their guide towards the right path for betterment of their life.

These charity works founded by Rubie Lee Cayao who have the mission to help those street children and some other kids who want to learn. With the help of other people who sponsoring this charity works, from leaders of different congregation and religious group, individuals who opened their hands and heart to help this charity, we are able to spread our program to different places of Philippines.

And we are moving forward to help more kids in Philippines and make this charity works grow. We are hoping that we can get more sponsor who want to be part of these charity work.

Founder of Charity for Street Children, a pure blooded Filipina who are living with his family at South Korea who are responsible for these charity program for street children. Shes trying to reach some other Congregation leaders and individuals from Philippines to participate these charity work. And there are some leaders of Religious group who participates our Charity program. And with the help of our Almighty God, we started i at some particular places in Philippines.

With the help of our Sponsors, and some other religious leaders we spread our Charity works to different Places in Philippines. Like, Bacolod city, Cagayan De oro, Himamaylan, Binalbagan and Sipalay area.