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Have you ever seen the world largest and bigger ship? I guess not, but soon you will witness the biggest ship ever built by man kind here in earth.

I just read one articles from their official site regarding the possibilities of making things more than unusual. This things might be the next city floating on ocean horizon, and this will happen sooner or later. They call it futuristic concept of the biggest ship in the world, and named it a freedom ship.

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Sold! -World Biggest Golden Coin with Equivalent to $ 1,000,000 Read more:

The world biggest golden coin that equivalent to $ 1,000,000 ever written in the history has been sold out for £ 3.27 euros or $4.02 million to a precious metal trading company.

This maple leaf coin is made of purest gold which has content of .999 millesimal fineness. This coin produced by the Royal Canadian Mint which was revealed in 2007.
This coin was large enough to spent at any store where you can buy anything you want. This was funny, though this was a serious things to consider. This money is for sale for  £2.6 -£ 3.0 million in auction last year, too expensive for a large piece of coin? but consider the amount and the value of this things. Every month year the price goes up, as it will affect the increasing value of gold each day.

Historical Catholic Church in Philippines

Sto. Niño Baselica in Cebu, was one of the historical place of the Philippines. Where the Magellan Cross also can be found.

Sto. Niño basilica of Cebu was one of the most popular Catholic church in Visayas. It became one of the historical place that marked the history of Cebu. It is a place where Magellan’s Cross is located the most popular symbol of Cebu. It is one of the oldest church in Visayas that was built during 16th century at the spot where the image of Sto. Niño was found by spanish explorer in 1655.
This is the old image of the Church, it is look ancient structure and style but it brings more uniqueness in present time. The inner part of the church is beautiful with some modern designs and things that give the more beauty to the church.

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Monstrous and Ugliest Fish in the world!

There are strange fishes under the blue deep and dark ocean that they are look like monster. These fishes are consider as the most mysterious fishes in the world.

ISDA – Is tagalog term of “fish”
According to Billy Bryson, “Earth Ocean is most mysterious than moon. We know more facts about the moon than the surface of our planet. There are different mysterious creatures below the deepest part of the ocean that the human person didn’t know.
What are these creatures? These are the strange and monstrous fishes ever lived under the darkest and deepest part of the ocean.
These fishes having different and unusual looks that seems like a fishes faces nightmares. They have looks like diablo or monstrous features. These fishes are usually found under the deepest part of the ocean floor. Which is the darkest part of the ocean.

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Filipino Dish for Christmas - Bibingka!

Bibingka is the easiest food to prepare, you only need small ingredients for it. Before baking your Bibingka you must have the ingredients listed below.
  • 5.5 Cups rice (or 1 box of rice flour) 1 box of rice flour or 5.5 Cupes of rice
  • 1 12-oz can coconut milk (divided into 1 cup and ¼ cup)
  • 1 pound dark brown sugar
  • Banana leaves
  • Preheat electric oven to 350 degrees F.
  • Cook on the stove top or in a rice cooker.
  • In a saucepan, combine the coconut milk and 1 ¼ cups of the brown sugar. Stir.
  • Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until thickened (15- 20 minutes).
  • Wilt the banana leaves over low heat on an electric stove and use them to line a 13” by 9” baking pan.
  • Put rice into a large bowl with 1 cup coconut milk and the rest of the brown sugar, stirring well.
  • Place rice mixture into the pan and top with 1/2 cup coconut milk.
  • Bake 20 minutes, then broil 5 minutes.
  • Cut into squares and serve

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Fisherman,s Way of Living

Fishing is not that easy to think and to do, there are lots of challenge along the way before you can have a good catch, you need to know different ways of fishing in order for you to have a good catch. In fishing there are also legal and illegal, Illegal where its not allowed in our society but some people still doing it for them its their way to have more fish to catch.

Survival is one way of avoiding or coping bad situation and condition. As of now there are 80% of poor people who are now suffering from what we called poverty.But still they have ways on how to overcome poverty and they are always looking for survival. 

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