CDO - "Feeding and Educational program"

They're the kids who really need nutrition and healthy education in their young age. There are lots of children age 0 to 5 years old that are considered malnourished. And they are need proper education that parents are failed to do their obligation not because they don't like to, but because of poverty they experienced and that they don't much time to give enough care for their children.

We been started this program for almost a year now, they're the kids of the family that we consider a very poor family. They can't even eat at least 3 times a day of their meals, they usually eat banana or sweet potato's for their breakfast and rice made of corn in the lunch with 1 piece of dried salted fish or what we called salted shrimp. Sometimes they just sleep at night with empty stomach and take lot of water so they can able to wake up until the next morning. Can you imagine how hard they survived for a living? Did you ever experience being one of these kids? maybe you're one of those lucky child who do nothing but enjoy the life of being cared by your parents. Every day there are child crying not for begging for foods, but they are crying because of sickness they felt that they don't have someone to lean on, don't have money for medication.

People, lets be positive look around you and realize what's going on. Why we don,t try to spend spare time of our life to heal the wounds of someone who hurts because of poverty, to give a chance for this little kids to have at least 1/2 of there dreams to come true. Its not only time to make a change, but a time for changing everyones life.

I'm not encouraging everyone to do same thing with mine, but i am telling you that theres someone who needs you.

I really thankful to Pastora Grace Celeste and her family  for being faithful and loyal to served God. Because of them we build and help other kids to know God in their life.
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