Christmas happiness

What we should compare is not ourselves to others. We should compare who we are today and who we are yesterday, and who we are today against who we will be tomorrow. While this may seem simple and obvious, true happiness is found in a life of constant advancement. And the same worries that could have made us miserable can actually be a source of growth when we approach them with courage and wisdom.

A friend of mine asked me one time, what really happiness means? i been stocked and think about it. What really happiness matter in my life?
I remember during my younger age my parents and siblings been together every Christmas eve preparing some food to eat and enjoy the most of the day and night, usually traditional food been prepared and that was really happy moment for us. When we getting older happiness had been so hard to reach as we have our own family and the distances is gap. I know happiness was just right there beside me but i been so blind to take it and apply to my self.

But this Christmas is the most unforgettable and most happy moment for me. I felt so blessed, so amazing and i felt the presence of God in my life. I can't stop praising  God for his greatness and he is greatly to be praised, he is been so good in everything in every angle of my life. Do i need to jump just to give praise to him? I actually want to do it.

This is the first Christmas season that this feeding ministry been celebrated. This is my first experienced to gave helped to those kids instead of buying for my own. While looking for the happy faces of the kids turn my day so bright and I know where my heart belong, this is it! this is my happiness, this is my calling that I need to answer. 

This program went so well so far, from the small numbers of kids until the number of those less fortunate kids been increased,  as of now there are 5 places where we continued to give our support trough our feeding program. I'm really thankful for this program I been so blessed in many ways.

I am also encouraging the different organization leaders that have the hand and heart to support this program, by making it as a part of activities.

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